Controlware, headquartered in Richboro, PA, has been providing system design, development and integration services for manufacturing organizations since 1990. We specialize in factory automation, with solutions ranging from equipment control and data collection to Manufacturing Execution Systems, process management; and beyond, to Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and integration with existing business systems.

But to be competitive in today’s global marketplace, manufacturing excellence is not enough. Modern businesses require the ability to quickly analyze data from Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Engineering as well as the shop floor, and convert it into information that supports management with effective decision-making and the ability to communicate the results of those decisions appropriately and effectively with clients, employees, partners and suppliers. So Controlware also provides Business Intelligence solutions, data marts and data warehouses, that analyze complex data and present actionable information in the form of executive dashboards, visual data, and both formal and ad hoc reporting capabilities. Our ability to create transaction-based portals enables businesses to share information with the right people at the right time with role-based security over secure networks.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in robotics, machine vision, cell control, workflow management, production planning and control, statistical process control, data management, content management, enterprise search, and portal design. To ensure an optimized solution and overall customer satisfaction, we utilize a disciplined system design and development methodology, effective use of industry best practices, best of breed products and services, and robust project management in an open, collaborative, and a transparent project environment, to deliver solutions that meet or exceed client expectations, on-time and within budget.

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